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Dazzlingly beautiful

A shining role for Wirin Jewellery in Amsterdam for more than 35 years

Give your loved ones something special and permanent. Gold or silver jewellery is always popular. At Wirin Jewellery, we sell jewellery in various styles and by a range of brands. Our jewellery store in Amsterdam has just the gift you are looking for.

Wirin Juwelier maakt trouwringen naar uw ontwerp

Buying and selling jewellery

Do you have valuable jewellery you no longer wear? You can store it in your jewellery box, or sell it to us. For a fair price, obviously.

Wirin Juwelier ontwerpt trouwringen


A broken clasp on your necklace or bracelet, a broken pendant; for these and other repairs, you can come to Wirin Jewellery. Minor repairs are made while you wait.

Wirin Juwelier ontwerpt trouwringen

Handmade wedding rings

Are you getting married soon? Congratulations! One of the most special events in your life calls for a unique piece of jewellery. We specialise in handmade wedding rings.

Wirin Juwelier ontwerpt trouwringen

Watches and piercings

Has your clock stopped? We will replace the battery - while you wait. Or renew the strap of your watch and get with the times.  We also adept in ear piercings.

About Wirin Jewellery

MIn the mid 1970s, Wirin’s parents began their own repair workshop in Amsterdam. Business went well and in 1986, they decided to start their own jewellery store on Ferdinand Bolstraat. The store was named after the youngest son, Wirin. The business grew and with an eye on the future, Wirin’s father asked him if he would like to attend the Precious Metals Vocational School. Wirin successfully completed their four-year programme and naturally, he entered the family business. In 1996, Wirin officially took over the store from his parents. 

Internationally renowned
We welcome customers from all over the world at our jewellery store. Wirin Jewellery has become a household name in the Netherlands and abroad. Our business is founded on our personal attention to our clients, reliability and good aftercare.


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Wirin Juwelier
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Wirin Jeweler: the jewel of Amsterdam's Ferdinand Bolstraat.