Juwelierszaak in Amsterdam voor trouwringen en andere schitterende sieraden

Selling, appraising and purchasing jewellery at Wirin Jewellery in Amsterdam

You will find a wonderful collection of gold and silver jewellery at our spacious jewellery store on Ferdinand Bolstraat in Amsterdam, with or without precious stones. We will gladly help you in your quest to find the perfect gem for yourself or your loved ones. 

Goud verkopen? Wirin Juwelier in Amsterdam koopt uw goud en sieraden in
Handgemaakte trouwringen? Kom langs bij Wirin Juwelier in Amsterdam

Always a fair price for your gold and other precious metals

An old chain that you haven’t worn for years; a bracelet whose existence you had forgotten. It is a shame for jewellery to only see the inside of your jewellery box. When you sell your jewellery to us, we involve you in the appraisal process. You will see how we calculate its value and you will know that you are getting a fair price for your jewellery.

Unique handmade wedding rings

A classic design in yellow gold or a sleek ring design in white gold? Show us what you like and what elements we need to incorporate into your wedding rings, and we will arrive at a unique design that suits you – a ring that you'll proudly wear the rest of your life.




In-house repair workshop

In addition to buying and selling jewellery, we also carry out repairs to your jewellery and watches in our own repair workshop. We carry out repairs with love and craftsmanship. Your jewellery is dear to you, which is why we treat it with the greatest care.




Jewellery brands at Wirin Jewellery

Rosa di Luca | Bonds of love | Di Perla | Gisser | Morellato | Vapou 

Bernstein | Arior Barcelona  | Alen Dione | Joanli Nor  | Von Lotzbeck  | Nordahl Jewellery 


De batterij van uw horloge laat u vervangen door Wirin Juwelier in Amsterdam. Klaar terwijl u wacht!